How do I invite Growbot to public or private channels?

Growbot works best in channels & groups. Inviting it is easy (just like any other user). To invite Growbot to public channels, simply send a slash command like /invite @growbot #cool-channel. To invite Growbot to private channels, select “invite others to this private channel” and search for @growbot.

 Once invited, Growbot will send you a direct message asking for permission to introduce itself. You can choose to have Growbot introduce itself to the new channel or introduce it yourself.

By tapping the [1] reaction, Growbot will send a brief message to the channel.

Members of the channel can choose to learn more by tapping the reaction (this will send a direct message to the recipient).
Tapping [2] will silently invite Growbot, it will give you a helpful intro message you can copy and paste. 


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