Setting Up Company Values

Growbot Values puts your company values at your employee’s fingertips, and enables your employees to recognize one another when they live your values in Slack! Here’s how you set up Growbot Values:


Before you get started, have a list of your Company Values ready to go! If you want to use custom emoji for them, check out this guide from Slack. I also really recommend the Slackmoji plugin for Chrome! Gives you tons of cool new emoji options.


Step One: Set Up Emoji for Slack

  • First, head to Customize Slack from your team dropdown. 



  • Let's pretend we're making a new company value, called Courage
    • On the Customize Slack page, we'll name our new emoji value_courage


  • Next, choose to either upload an emoji, or set an alias for an existing emoji.
    • To set an alias, click the link "set alias for an existing emoji" and choose which one you'd like to use. For our Courage value, I'll choose the lion:


  • Once you've selected an alias or added a new emoji, click Save New Emoji! You'll see it show up on the list of your Custom Emoji below. 


Step Two: Set Up Values in Growbot

  • Next, head to your Team Settings page for Growbot. That URL will be:
  • Click on the Values tab.
  • At the bottom of the page, you'll find +New Value button. Click it.
    • Enter in the details of your value. 
    • Make sure to not enter in the ":" around the emoji name this time! Your value will look something like this:


  • Select Save Changes, and you're done! The Value will now show up on your list.



Step Three: Test It Out!

Now that you've added your new value, head into Slack to give it a whirl!

  • Hop into a DM with @Growbot
  • Type "values" in the text field
  • Growbot will return a list of your values!

To give kudos using your new value, write it out like any normal appreciation. When you want to add the new value emoji, type ":value" and you'll see all your new value emojis show up! You can select one from there to add to your kudos.






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